Every year volunteer surf lifesavers give 1.4 million hours of their time to keeping our waterways safer. On average each of our surf lifesavers donates 32 hours each, to the safety of you and your family.

This year, the Surf Life Saving Foundation is encouraging Australians to ‘Adopt an hour’ given by our surf lifesavers. You can support us by donating from as little as $1 for each hour.

A wave of support for your lifesavers.

Mark donated $200

to Mission Zero. Thank-you!

Peter donated $96

to Mission Zero. Thank-you!

Tony donated $100

to Mission Zero. Thank-you!

Kate says

"You all do an awesome job - thank you!"

Rob says

"Thanks a million!"

surf life saver

Keep your lifesavers On the beach.

Adopt an hour. And you could save a life.

Please donate. So when you need us, we'll be there.

A single hour can change lives forever.

Our lifesavers give more than 1.4 million hours a year to protect Australian families. Many people don’t realise that their heroes in red and yellow are actually volunteers that put their lives at risk every time they go on patrol, all to keep us and our families safe as we enjoy our world-class beaches and surf.

To allow the lifesaving work of our volunteers to continue, we need support.

Could you adopt an hour of a lifesavers time? For just $1? A donation of one dollar for every hour our volunteers donate will allow the Foundation to carry on our work and help keep the beach a place for only happy memories.

How much does it cost to keep a patrol on the beach?

With rescue gear and equipment some of the largest costs, a full lifesaving patrol can cost up to $70,000.


The cost of a full patrol uniform


The cost of a pair of flags


The cost of a digital radio


The cost of a full patrol

Where does my money go? Can even a small donation help? Your questions answered.

The Surf Life Saving Foundation distributes funds raised through your donations to support Surf Life Saving branches and clubs around the country. Your donations are predominantly used by Surf Life Saving to:
  • Maintain and replace lifesaving rescue gear and equipment
  • Enhance the training and development programs for volunteer surf lifesavers
  • Expand community surf safety campaigns and fund aquatic safety research and development
  • Continue providing support services including communications networks, aerial patrols and powered watercraft.
Absolutely! Every single donation you give will help us to save more lives at the beach this year.
Every year millions of people visit our beaches and thousands of these visitors find themselves in urgent need of a lifesaving rescue. This is what we are here for, to keep your family and friends safe in the water.

Your support today of Surf Life Saving will ensure that millions of adults and children alike that visit the beach, go home safely.

The Surf Life Saving Foundation (SLSF) may collect your personal information to communicate information and offers from SLSF, and to provide SLSF products and services directly to you.

By providing your personal information you agree it will be disclosed to and used by, the SLSF under the terms of this statement and the SLSF Privacy Policy.

SLSF may disclose your personal information to other parties, including SLSF third-party service providers. SLSF may use and disclose your personal information for direct marketing purposes, unless you opt-out (which you can do at any time in accordance with the SLSF Privacy Policy).

We have over 50,000 volunteers from over 314 different surf clubs across Australia and with the help of your generous donations, they make sure that Australia has some of the safest beaches in the world.

Did you know?

  • It costs at least $850 to train a new volunteer to Bronze Medallion standard. Surf lifesavers are trained in First Aid, CPR and rescue techniques. Importantly, all of our lifesavers must continue to refresh and update their skills.

  • Rescue gear and equipment are some of the largest costs associated with providing lifesaving services throughout Australia. A full lifesaving patrol can cost up to $70,000.

  • Prevention is better than cure and the best way to save lives at the beach is by teaching people how to stay out of danger. We run campaigns on how to spot rips and what to do if you are caught in one (swim parallel to the shore!).

Could you give regularly?

As well as training new volunteer surf lifesaver, your monthly donation helps repair and replace the equipment that constant exposure to the sun and sea can damage. As a Guardian of the Surf your monthly donation ensures that we are rescue-ready at a moment’s notice. You would be the silent hero behind every life saved.

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